April 26, 2019

Importance of Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel alignment and balancing are one of the most known auto repair services provided by craftsman. If you are experiencing irregular tire wear, vibration and potentially unsafe driving conditions are due to unbalanced tyres. Wheel balancing allows the wheels and tyres to spin without any vibrations. These aspects often neglected by car owners and less attention is given to their importance.

In car zone, we are helping to ensure that your tyres are spinning evenly as possible which can lead to optimal driving performance.

Wheel balance service includes tire and wheel removal, detecting and locating any imbalance, spinning each wheel to ensure the weight of the tire and wheel. Having a proper wheel balance can result in a smoother ride, reduced tire wear and enhanced driving components.

Car zone tyres recommend you to have your wheel balanced every 5000km – 10000km.

Tyres actually allow you to start, stop and change directions it is the only components which keeps vehicle physically contacted with the road surface. Give more attention to tyres and wheels for safe driving.